Monday, 10 November 2008

Football Manager 2009 - The Greatest Job On Earth

Available For Pre-purchase Now!
First there was text commentary. Then a top-down 2D engine. Now, finally, after years of patient waiting, Football Manager's match engine is entering the third dimension on PC and Mac. Utilising motion capture footage borrowed from SEGA Japan's Virtua Striker, Football Manager 2009 is engineered to deliver the visual realism that its stunningly detailed match engine so richly deserves. Football Manager 2009 is now available for pre-purchase as a PC digital download from STEAM, and will be available for players to play at 09:00 GMT on the 14th November 2008. For details on availability and pricing, please visit

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Painkiller

From the game I love, Battleground Europe - World War II Online, this video showing some ingame action in the P-38 Lightning, and some other cool clips of the game. Made by Soulucky of the GC II/5 "Lafayette" - The Sioux Squadron.